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Treats - how many can your puppy have?

Actually the answer isn't a number, a weight, or how many packs. Its all about quality.

What would you consider a 'treat' for yourself? or for your children? Chocolate? Ice-cream? Chips? A doughnut perhaps? This is why we tend to worry about giving puppies too many 'treats', we know them to be something that should be limited, enjoyed only occasionally.

So let's think about your puppy's treats as rewards instead. After all if we wish to train them gently and kindly we need to reward them for getting things right. The reward is their motivation.

Choose your rewards carefully and actually you are simply feeding your puppy, creatively dividing their daily nutrient requirements across the day, sometimes fed from your hand in training practice, sometimes from a puzzle toy, or a chew, and the rest in their bowl.

What does a nutritious reward look like? Think pieces of meat, for example the Paté on the shop page, it cubes perfectly into bite sized training treats, is just pure meat so super healthy, and because its fresh and soft its super appealing to your puppy.

Chews should be thought of the same way, have a browse through the chews on the shop page, they are all simply air dried, so to a human, jerky really. Canines naturally eat the whole of their prey, and derive a variety of nutrients from different parts, so the ears, and feet and tendons and ligaments are super nutritious, as well as entertainment and distraction.

Take care when choosing your food rewards and chews though, they are not all created equal. Cheaply made, poor quality products still abound. They are often full of nasty ingredients, heavily processed, or both. Read the ingredients, if anything doesn't sound like food to you, or you don't know what it is, or it's a number, walk away. Consider also the provenance, products made from animals raised in the UK or Europe on the whole will have higher welfare standards than, for example products from China.

So.. what we think of as treats are not treats at all, it's simply your puppy's food, and it definitely doesn't need to be delivered in a bowl to count as food. Cleverly dispense your puppy's food throughout the day in as many different way as you can think of, and not only will it be reward for training, it will also be entertainment, distraction, exercise, and mental challenge.

The icing on the cake? Those things all burn energy... so your pup will be more satisfied and able to rest. 😴 🐾

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