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Helen will be your teacher for group classes, as well as 1-2-1 sessions, talks and workshops.


She will be quick to tell you that she is a human trainer, not a puppy trainer at all… because you are the puppy trainer!


Helen has specialised in puppy training for 20 years, believing that learning to raise a puppy right, is a very different task indeed than a bit of generic ‘dog training’.


You are welcoming a different species into you home, and as well as the expected training tasks like recall and heel, you are trying to teach an animal, who doesn’t speak your language, where to sit, what to eat, where to poo, what not to jump on, who not to bark at, and generally how to live alongside you, rather than take up your every waking.. and sometimes sleeping.. moment!

‘One size for all’ doesn’t work for humans, neither does it work for dogs. The very best books, and the most carefully crafted Youtube videos may give you sounds advice puppy advice, but without personal guidance you are likely to feel confused and get patchy results.

Helen headshots-8409.jpg

Helen has been expertly trained in every aspect of puppy training and behaviour by the very best in the field, and has worked with puppies full time for many years so her experience is unparalleled, and what makes her especially unique is her training in human psychotherapy.

Both humans and animals have unique personalities and learning styles, and Helen’s special skill is identifying the most effective learning style for you, and your puppy, so whatever your goal the learning steps make sense to you and you know exactly what to do to achieve it.


Historically dog training classes were an intimidating prospect, a gruff and severe teacher barking instructions at you (pun intended!), Helen’s classes are very different. She knows that the right environment makes learning easier for us all, so expect friendly relaxed classes, that are genuinely fun, it's not just the puppies who make friends, and there will be laughs as well as learning.

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