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Is your puppy a fussy eater?

Are you feeding them too much? I know, you're feeding what it says on the pack right? unfortunately feeding according to their weight, age or size is a pretty unreliable guide (it's on the bag because it's required by law) some pups - just like people - need less food than others.

Use this physical body check instead:- put your hands on either side of their ribcage, find your way through their fur so your fingertips touch their skin, now rub their skin back and forth over their ribs.. does it feel like a T-shirt covering the bones? In which case they are the perfect weight! Maybe it feels more like a sweater? In which case they are rather 'well-covered'! Maybe feed a little less. If it feels like a winter coat a fairly drastic ration reduction is required 😬 .

Remember to count healthy training treats and natural chews as part of their daily food allowance, and not extra.

Most fussy eaters are simply fully satisfied by what they are eating, and will always turn their nose up at the least interesting offering, which is often their main food (unless you feed thats a whole other story! 😁 ).

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