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Mad half hour - the evening Zoomies!

Does your puppy go for a mad wall-of-death zoom around the house every evening, a frenzy of fur and teeth?! You might be surprised to know that it is so common I would say almost every puppy does it.

There is no definitive explanation for why it happens, but my theory is that it's a discharge of energy at the end of the day in preparation for settling and sleeping, like they are tipping out the last of the day's bouncy beans so they can rest.

There is a temptation to try and stop them, calm them down, after all it can be quite disruptive and painful if the play biting gets out of hand, but that energy needs to come out, you can't push it back in! So engage them in a short, exciting, high energy game that they love, a tuggy game with a toy, or a chasing game if they like that better, and when you've had enough carefully replace the game with a calming grounding activity such as a lick mat, or a tasty chew to bring the energy level down, but with their focus still on a positive activity.

Helen 🐾

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