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Big Daddy Octopus
  • Big Daddy Octopus

    An irresistible jumbo version of the Daddy Octopus (If you buy this for your puppy and keep if for yourself I won’t tell 😉). Not only long, but with eight legs the wriggle factor is off the scale! This makes them incredibly enticing for your puppy to chase and makes for easy distraction to get those needle-sharp teeth away from you. With a ‘honk’ in the head, crinkle sounds in the legs and a squeak in every other foot, they are perfect for play biting training your puppy. Long enough to reach the floor from your hand they are great for distracting as you walk along, the Octopus is an all round puppy play and distraction winner!


    Top tip: Avoid falling into the trap of buying teeny tiny toys for teeny tiny puppies, the bigger the toy, the further those teeth are from your fingers!

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